I found myself with a TimTam after times in addition to for warm-ups assault problem areas and to get the blood. Where I felt ruined and made a decision to utilize the TimTam for about 20 minutes 21, there was a single body and I felt much more refreshed than anticipated.

The intensity of this TimTam helps reduce the lactic acid build up and the consequences are worthwhile, not necessarily enjoyable, especially after a training session.

Portability TimTam

The device includes all the TimTam Power Massager V1.5 using the only rubber round percussion headset, 1 12V lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charging channel all at a compact travelling vessel. Something which makes this unit distinct from the others is that the patent-pending shaft.

Their competitor Theragun published their edition, but the differences between both units are negligible considering that the price discrepancy. My ideas

Your Medway TimTam employs a shaft to replace massage heads, which can be less than perfect because of the time it requires to re-screw and unscrews the mind that you would like to utilize, but it was not a large matter. They offer percussion strategies for software which will be simple to install and eliminate according to what your aim is using the Tim Tam. Including metal hints in addition to cold and hot tips. I’ll make certain to update this review when I do, although I have not used these yet, therefore I can not comment on their efficacy.